Choose the access that works for you

You’ll find everything you need to empower your strategic partnerships, negotiations, and investment decisions with SponsorUnited. Use our unrivaled sponsorship data and insights to drive your business.


​​Foundational data, tools, and reporting; limited to your league and market

Unparalleled Brand Details
Inform your strategy with a thorough understanding of brand partnerships

Comprehensive Sponsorship Insights
Access detailed industry, market, property type, and asset-specific insights; limited to user’s market and rights holder type

Targeted Research
Explore the sponsorship landscape for news and research content based on your unique needs

Customized Experience
Customize your dashboard, save reports you’re working on, and track contacts and brands

Precision Brand Discovery
Use SponsorUnited’s powerful Smart Search to find brands and prospects with ease


Enhanced features and expanded comparative insights for all leagues and markets; plus, everything in SU

Unlimited Access
Dive into our complete library of over 360,000 brand, rights holder, and agency profiles

Enhanced Reporting
Use any report or tool without limit on market selection or rights holder type

Deeper Social Media Insights
Go beyond simple engagement with a more detailed breakdown of sponsored social posts

Discover Trends
Search for topics, campaigns, trends, and keywords in our database of over 1.8 million deals and 16.9 million data points

Advanced Competitive Analysis
See details on who is adding new deals to their portfolio or expanding their current initiatives

Side-by-Side Evaluation
Directly compare brands or rights holders to make informed and strategic decisions

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