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SponsorUnited has solid, valuable data that supports our teams with sponsorship intelligence and industry expertise. The category, market and asset mix analyses allow for a deeper level of insight that provides a foundation for strategic recommendations.

Noah Kolodny

VP, Strategy

Since integrating SponsorUnited’s robust capabilities, my team has been able to achieve incremental performance on our marketing objectives. The adaptive nature of the platform anticipates our brand and property interests and streamlines data in an actionable manner. Furthermore, the support of the on-demand research team has been instrumental in delivering personalized insights and news that empower my team to make informed partnership decisions. Thank you SponsorUnited for providing us with the support for our brands to become leaders in an increasingly informatic and data-driven partnership landscape!

Karina Walter

Sports Marketing

The level of detail that SponsorUnited provides our team has been extremely valuable to help evaluate how the financial services category is emerging in sports and entertainment. This tool has provided tremendous learnings by allowing us to review the partnership landscape to uncover macro trends and assess competitive activity. In addition to the platform itself, the support and research team are terrific. They go above and beyond to meet any requests in such a timely manner. Highly recommend this beneficial tool and the terrific team to anyone in the industry.

Jessica Wykoff

Director, Sports Marketing + Partnerships

In addition to the overall efficiency of the platform, the SponsorUnited research and service team continues to provide an incredible level of support and are always available to answer questions. We absolutely would recommend SponsorUnited to any organization looking to advance in developing corporate partnerships.

Ryan O'Connor

VP, Global Partnerships

SponsorUnited has allowed us to navigate this post Pandemic world much more successfully.  We are able to use the tools to find the appropriate contacts and establish new relationships quickly.  We are also able to use research and retrieve photos of current activations to help us meet and exceed client goals and objectives and formulate a powerful proposal.  The Sponsorship Sales Team at the Kentucky Derby Festival has been able to find new sponsor dollars that have made our investment well worth it!

April Zik

VP, Sponsorships

We’ve been using SponsorUnited to research what sponsors are supporting non profits in our areas of need. We love the feature that allows you to search for certain categories of sponsors that are located in specific states and cities.  The other feature that we use extremely regularly is the support chat where you can ask for email addresses of specific contacts.

Bonnie Lattimore

Director of Strategic Partnerships

SponsorUnited is a vital platform for my team at Blue Wire! It has been so valuable to see all sponsorships (no matter how big or small) across the sports and entertainment landscape in one place. I use SU daily, and regularly incorporate their Partnership Report(s) data into my planning for upcoming heat moments.

Delila Penson

Partnerships Manager

Good Karma Brands is proud to partner with SponsorUnited. The platform, used daily within our operations, is an essential tool to the success and efficiency of our sales outreach. Our team utilizes the platform in a variety of ways – for lead generation, research, identification of industry trends and more. SponsorUnited is ahead of the curve in helping us achieve our goals, has a readily available customer service team to answer our questions and ensures our team is equipped to position ourselves as experts in the industry.

Ty Bauschek

Director of Partnership Development

SponsorUnited is changing the game on the brand partnerships side of our business helping us source like-minded brands to activate across our diverse content portfolio.

Danny Healey

Head of Content Strategy

SponsorUnited is an indispensable resource for our team. The platform is intuitive and gives us easy access to the insights we need to identify, connect with, and better understand prospects. Plus, it enables us to stay informed and competitive, and has helped enhance our proposals and partner activation. With instant intel and attentive service, SU provides a great CX and clear ROI.

Jorge Perea

Vice President, Corporate Partnerships

SponsorUnited has been a really effective tool to help guide and understand the partnerships landscape. Using SponsorUnited, UCLA Health is able to dive deeper into best practices within our competitive markets, as well as the overall partnership industry, in order to strategically find ways to maximize our assets and activations. It’s truly a great and efficient tool to help showcase UCLA Health's impact and learn more about how to keep evolving in this space.

Catherine Boyer

Manager, Corporate Partnerships

We consider SponsorUnited a member of the Drone Racing League: We use their platform daily, closely work with their amazing leadership team, and rely on their actionable data and insights to stay smart on industries and companies to develop new, meaningful partnerships. SponsorUnited is truly unrivaled, and has been instrumental in accelerating our business development efforts across the board.

Rachel Jacobson


SponsorUnited is my go-to tool to use.

Sam McIntyre

Partnerships Development Manager

SponsorUnited is the industry standard when it comes to sponsorship data and information regarding sports and entertainment. The company’s commitment to customer success is the major reason I use the platform in my everyday workflow, and utilizing the Smart Search feature has been a game changer for our agency. I could not perform my day-to-day talent marketing duties without the SponsorUnited platform.

Jesse Burke

Client Marketing Lead

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