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The Banking Sector's Sponsorship Showdown

August 8, 2023

With over 1,950 active brands buying sponsorships or media, the banking sector reveals a competitive scene averaging three sponsorship deals per brand.

Leading the charge by sponsorship volume is PNC Bank, an industry player that has woven an extensive web of partnerships which includes over 170 unique sponsorship deals. PNC Bank's strategic collaborations extend to diverse numbers of rights holders—from the Miami Marlins to the Houston Rockets—Pittsburgh based bank having a deal with all pro sports teams in the market, dominates the banking industry. 

Claiming the second position is Citibank, a brand that has solidified its presence through more than 130 total sponsor deals which includes—New York Mets, US Open amongst others. Bank of America secures the third spot, boasting over 125 sponsor deals. This esteemed institution has aligned its brand with prominent properties like Charlotte FC and the New England Patriots, demonstrating a strategic fusion of financial prowess with the allure of sports.

Delving into the realm of social media—a significant portion of modern sponsorship—40% of sponsorship deals within the banking sector include a social media asset. Among the most engaging posts, Barclays and the Premier League emerge as the most engaged with “Manager of the Month Winners” post on Instagram, generating a staggering 672,000 engagements. This partnership extends to an encompassing social campaign, spanning 98 posts and amassing over 6.26M in total engagements.

Notably, the partnership between Banco BPM and Italian football powerhouse AC Milan, emerges as a compelling contender in the social media space. With a cumulative engagement of 5.39M across more than 280 distinct posts, this collaboration successfully captures the essence of dynamic engagement between banking and sports. 

A prime example of effective collaboration is through Standard Chartered's Primary Jersey Patch sponsorship of Premier League’s Liverpool FC. In over 208 social posts, this deal secured a total engagement of over 3.9M.

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