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The 100M Club and Brands that Optimize these Mega-Influencers

March 27, 2024

In our ever-evolving digital age, influencers with the rarefied ability to cultivate huge followings in the burgeoning attention economy––wherein consumers' increasingly limited attention span is a valuable commodity that social media companies sell to brands––have emerged as marketing superstars, transcending traditional celebrity and athlete endorsements to shape brand perception and consumer behavior on an arguably unprecedented scale. 

The reach of platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube has given rise to a new echelon of influencers with more than 100M followers (and counting), who wield unrivaled power in marketing partnerships. Jimmy Donaldson (MrBeast), 5-Minute Crafts, Khaby Lame, and Charli D'Amelio top the list of social media titans, commanding audiences that eclipse the population of most countries as they vie for the demand (and dollars) of deep-pocketed advertisers.

Here’s the current list of top social media influencers and their respective followings plus notable brand partners: (Inclusive of IG, X, FB, YT, TT)

  1. Jimmy Donaldson 'MrBeast': 431,540,853 (15 deals) - Samsung, TurboTax, Spotify
  2. 5-Minute Crafts: 263,796,501 (5 deals) - Rovio Entertainment (Angry Birds), Michaels, Island Questaway
  3. Khaby Lame: 251,794,091(13 deals) - State Farm, Pepsi, Hugo Boss
  4. Charli D'Amelio: 213,971,351 (22 deals) - Amazon, Takis, Skims
  5. Kimberly Loaiza: 190,971,811 (2 deals) - Kaba Hair/Skin Care, Sol Beauty & Care
  6. Whindersson Nunes: 165,486,388 (11 deals) - Subway, Doritos, Multilaser
  7. Zach King: 147,002,897 (12 deals) - Lunchables, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Nomatic Backpacks
  8. Addison Rae: 134,100,027 (4 deals) - Hanes Brands, Nerds, ILIA
  9. Luisito Comunica: 128,176,657 (4 deals) - Netflix, Turkish Airlines, Gran Malo
  10. Ria Ricis: 123,351,766 (4 deals) - Maxstream, Scarlett Whitening, Mothercare Indonesia
  11. Like Nastya: 121,967,091(4 deals) *No X - Laderach, Joyin, World Childhood Foundation
  12. Kids Diana Show: 121,447,095 (2 deals) *No X - PAW Patrol, Miko
  13. Bella Poarch: 120,091,319 (12 deals) - Vans, Cash App, Skims
  14. Vlad and Niki: 115,590,704 (5 deals) - Hot Wheels, Mattel, Spin Master
  15. Lele Pons: 113,013,524 (7 deals) *No X - Golden Road Brewing, T-Mobile, TurboTax
  16. Dude Perfect: 110,601,810 (27 deals) - Samsung, Walmart, Fanatics
  17. Brent Rivera: 107,820,253 (4 deals) - Amazon Music Unlimited, Sony Pictures Entertainment, SoFi
  18. Alexandra Mary Hirschi (Supercar Blondie): 107,724,922 (23 deals) - Nissan, Volkswagen, Continental
  19. Domelipa: 106,557,421 (9 deals) - Santander Bank, Takis, adidas

Thanks to their diverse array of innovative content—ranging from life hacks and entertainment to gaming and lifestyle—these outsize personalities have attracted an array of blue-chip brands keen to tap into their vast and loyal audiences. Notably, brands like Warner Brothers, Skims, Samsung, and Hugo Boss have strategically partnered with multiple influencers in deals like Skims x Charli D'Amelio and Bella Poarch x Lele Pons, using their popularity to engage broader demographics. 

Beyond joining forces with brands, two of these enterprising influencers have launched their own companies––like Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, who leveraged his colossal online presence to found Feastables. The chocolate and snack maker made a splash last October by inking a jersey partnership with the Charlotte Hornets, illustrating influencers’ ability to transcend the digital world and expand into traditional sports marketing arenas. Similarly, entertainment brand Dude Perfect––whose YouTube channel boasts more than 60M subscribers––has translated its massive following into a high-profile partnership as the official youth jersey sponsor for Burnley, a prominent club in the English Premier League.

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