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Technology Marketing Partnerships Report 2023

September 21, 2023

Technology continues to reshape virtually every aspect of our lives—so it’s no surprise that the industry’s presence in the sponsorship universe is also growing and evolving in game-changing ways. No tech sector has generated more headlines recently than artificial intelligence (AI), a $100 billion market that’s forecast to grow twentyfold to nearly $2 trillion by 2030. AI and machine learning sponsorships increased 65% in the last year—a figure that’s poised to skyrocket exponentially as AI steadily infiltrates virtually every industry.

AI applications in pro sports are already transforming the fan experience, and driving business results for properties. In July, GameOn Technology announced the rollout of an AI-powered chatbot at the New York Islanders’ UBS Arena that will act as a virtual concierge for attendees at Islanders games and other events. And last January, the NBA—which leads US pro sports leagues in technology deals—extended its partnership with Meta to develop a new virtual reality experience for fans via Meta Quest, the league’s official VR headset. As AI’s ubiquity expands, these innovative deals will only multiply. Intriguingly, AI companies remain conspicuously absent from music festivals, which lead the list of properties partnering with tech brands as they seek to engage these events’ affluent, digitally savvy patrons. Meanwhile, rights holders—equally eager to engage younger audiences and convert them into lifelong fans—are turning to platforms like TikTok to identify brands that capture the attention of Gen Z, a demographic that now represents 40% of global consumers whose substantial spending power will endure for decades.

Countless sponsorship opportunities still abound for enterprising tech brands. Less than 20% of domestic sports properties partner with cloud service providers like Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. And among the megacap tech titans, Apple has yet to venture into sports sponsorships, while Netflix and Tesla presently partner with no properties at all.

As the dynamism of the technology sponsorship landscape grows, SU is excited to unveil its inaugural Technology Marketing Partnerships Report 2023. Authored jointly by SponsorUnited’s Marketing Research & Insights, Analytics, and Marketing teams, it delivers an in-depth analysis of more than 1,300 brands, 5,250 assets, and over 11,000 social posts from January 2021 through August 2023.

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