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AFC & NFC Championships: Spotlight on Star Quarterbacks Off the Field

January 26, 2024

As we gear up for the highly anticipated AFC & NFC Championship games this weekend, the spotlight isn't just on the four quarterbacks' on-field prowess, but also their significant influence off the field. These star quarterbacks are more than game changers during play; they're also making waves on social media and in the endorsement arena.

Baltimore Ravens' QB Lamar Jackson boasts a robust 4.5M followers across Instagram and X, showing a steady 4% YoY growth. Meanwhile, two time Super Bowl champ Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs leads the QB pack with an impressive 9.8M followers on Instagram, Facebook, and X, reflecting a 15% YoY growth. Detroit Lions' Jared Goff may have a more modest following at 689K on the same 3 platforms, but his 16% YoY growth is a testament to his rising influence. Since it’s been 32 years since the Lions made it this far into the postseason, his follower count and endorsement deals could quickly skyrocket. Lastly, the San Francisco 49ers' Brock Purdy, though newer to the scene, has shown an explosive 162% YoY growth, reaching 982K followers on Instagram and X.

Beyond their social media presence, these quarterbacks are leveraging their platforms for lucrative endorsement deals. From Lamar's 3 deals to Mahomes' whopping 18 which include Head & Shoulders, Oakley and Prime—every quarterback is leaving their mark through their partnerships. While Goff has 1 deal as of now with Cane Protein, the opportunity for brands is knocking on the door with two Super Bowl QB’s on the horizon—same goes for Brock Purdy who is newer to the league and has 4 deals.

With such significant growth, these quarterbacks are not just sports icons; they're influential brands in their own right. As the championships approach, their combined on-field skills and off-field engagements promise a thrilling culmination to the season.

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