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Power Five Schools Net $557M in Sponsorship Revenues

January 11, 2023

Power Five Schools Net $557M in Sponsorship Revenues Allocated for Football

The SEC attracted more than 27% of the total sponsorship revenue this season

The Power Five football teams (ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12 and the SEC) earned $557M in sponsorship revenues for the 2022-2023 season. On average, each school yielded $8.6M in sponsorship revenue during the football season.

The top five teams in terms of sponsorship revenue within the Power Five are, in no particular order, Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Texas and Ohio State. The SEC (led by Alabama, Georgia and LSU) was the top conference in revenues ($156M), accounting for over 27% of total football sponsorship money spent across the 65 Power Five schools.

The categories with the most number of sponsorship deals include:

  1. Banks
  1. Restaurants
  1. Insurance
  1. Soft Drink
  1. Hotels/Resorts

The top 10 brands with the highest number of sponsorship deals include:

  1. Allstate
  1. Coca-Cola
  1. Nike
  1. Old Dominion
  1. Nissan
  1. Stubhub
  1. Ford
  1. Jersey Mike’s
  1. Pepsi
  1. Toyota

"College football provides one of the few places in sports where local and national brand partnerships converge," said Bob Lynch, founder and CEO of SponsorUnited. "In this sport, brands are able to leverage highly-relevant, multi-channel platforms–such as TV-visible signage for national broadcasts and local community events–to reach passionate fans and alumni."

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