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Patrick Mahomes Endorsements

October 13, 2023

When it comes to social engagement, few names ring as loud Kansas City Chiefs QB, Patrick Mahomes. The young, dynamic player has not only made waves in the sports world but has also established a dominating presence on social media platforms. His vibrant personality, coupled with his exceptional talent, has resulted in an astonishing following across various social media platforms.

Across Instagram (IG), Facebook (FB), and other platforms (X), Mahomes boasts a staggering follower count of 9.5 million. This not only speaks volumes about his popularity but also reflects the influence he wields in the virtual world. Each post is met with a flood of likes and comments, thus amplifying his reach and impact.

The prowess of Mahomes' social engagement is further amplified when it comes to branded content. He has managed to amass a whopping 3.5 million engagements with his branded posts. This is a testament to the trust and value brands place in his persona, and how effectively he can engage his fans and followers through sponsored content.

The impressive numbers Mahomes has achieved in social media engagement have made him a hot favorite among brands for endorsements, with 16 partnerships. His charm, combined with his ability to connect with fans, has made him a desirable ambassador for many notable brands. adidas, Oakley, Hugo Boss and Coors Light are the top brands when ranking by total social engagement on his branded posts.

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