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Nike Increases Revenue & Continues to Spend on Sponsorships

March 20, 2022

Nike announced their earnings this week which saw nearly $11B in revenue, their most ever which increased 5% YoY. Utilizing the revenue, Nike was able to dive deeper into sponsorships increasing their total deals 36% from 2020 to 2021. The brand debuted their first ever 3D out of home campaign in the city of Shinjuku near Tokyo, Japan, celebrating AirMax day on March 26th.

Nike has over 650 sponsorship deals ranging across over 140 different leagues/associations. Within New York, their top market, the brand has over 75 sponsorship or media deals which includes influencers, athletes and artists.

Within the NFL, Nike helped the athletes grow in total endorsement deals 51% YoY. Across the globe, athletes account for 41% of the sponsorship portfolio of Nike as they have deals with many star players across multiple sports. Most recently with athletes, Nike teamed up with Lebron James and Magic Fruity Pebbles to celebrate National Cereal Day on March 7th.

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