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New Platform Features & Enhancements Unveiled

May 21, 2022

Our client partners asked, and we listened: last spring, we released updated features and top of the line enhancements throughout our platform.

The optimized platform now gives our partners access to new social data (including TikTok metrics), in-depth, redesigned brand and property profiles, powerful comparison reports and deal management tools, along with a slew of other benefits.

The update included the following enhancements:

Comparison reports

Compare any brand, category, property, league, person, or social platform against one another to see how well they engage audiences.

TikTok metrics

Track influencers, athletes, teams, and media companies on social media’s buzziest platform to discover emerging trends, new content, and potential partners.

Social rank & growth metrics

Access real-time growth trends for influencers, athletes, and celebrities, as well as social platform performance, to unearth the most marketable talent and tactics.

Deal analysis

Learn where companies are investing across platforms, properties, and top markets to better grasp your own investment opportunities, and filter to compare deal portfolios of potential partners and competitors.

Comprehensive deal structure breakout

Review the structure and complete details of deals to craft the ultimate partnership.

Open opportunities

Instantly identify top partnership prospects based on your specific needs and criteria. A simplified way to pinpoint the whitespace.

Keyword search for trending terms and phrases

Keep up with relevant deals, creative, and themes–with the ability to search by any word–and be inspired by trending terms in real-time.

A turnkey system for activity and contact management

Seamlessly track any company and manage your sales pipeline, export activity, and contacts through Deal Tracker.

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