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Introducing SponsorUnited 3.0

April 15, 2024

With innovation at our core, we’re excited to introduce our redesigned platform that delivers enhanced performance, expanded reports, and new capabilities, ensuring your next game-changing partnership insight is only a click away.

This update was made to provide our partners with the most effective, intuitive, and comprehensive tools to build stronger marketing partnerships, save time, and access extensive competitive analysis information. To receive a personal tour of the platform, please fill out this form.

SponsorUnited 3.0 Dashboard

Personalized for You

Customized Dashboard
To quickly access the news and reports you value most, we’ve added shortcuts for you to choose your preferred insights.

Streamlined Navigation
A redesigned side panel organizes your workflow into four actions—Discover, Analyze, Research, Manage—simplifying navigation while enhancing your access to data and insights.

Navigation Panel

Elevated Search Capabilities

Saved Reports
Instantly save essential data and personalized reports with a single click, and retrieve, review, and organize reports, all in one place.

Advanced News & Infographic Search
Access our vast library of news and infographics, and search for specific insights based on selected criteria, including industry, organization, and publish date. Only available to SUPR users. 

Advanced News Search

In-Depth Contact Info
Explore comprehensive contacts that offer professional insights and connect you to the right people with the right context.

Contact Card

Thank you for your partnership and support—we could not do this without you—and stay tuned for more groundbreaking innovations and insights in the future!

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