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FTX’s Fall Presents Prime Endorsement Opportunities

November 17, 2022

For those curious about the recent news regarding FTX’s fall from grace and its potential impact on Crypto sponsorships, here's a real-time breakout of the total crypto sponsorship market.

SponsorUnited tracked 311 crypto brands with sponsorships worldwide, of which FTX had an 11% share of total deals.

A few other insights:

  • 7% of crypto brands have more than 5 sponsorship deals, dominated by the top 10 in the graphic below. Meanwhile, 74% of brands have just 1 deal.
  • Despite the high profile partnerships, 79% of major pro sports teams in the NBA/NFL/MLB/MLS/MLB do NOT have a crypto sponsorship deal.
  • Of the 21% of deals done in those leagues, the most frequently purchased assets were:

1) Social media posts

2) TV-visible signage

3) IP Rights/use of marks

4) Event content/activation

FTX inked over 80 high-profile sponsorships over the last year, including a venue naming rights deal with the Miami Heat, as well as the first-ever umpire patch in Major League Baseball. With the recent news of the company’s stunning implosion, many properties will start searching for a replacement sponsor for some of the high-level assets mentioned above. Besides the teams and leagues that inked deals with FTX, a slew of star athletes also partnered with the cryptocurrency platform–including Stephen Curry, Tom Brady, Shohei Ohtani, and Shaquille O’Neal–and were featured in FTX-produced commercials and campaigns.

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