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Flag Football Partnership Breakdown Featured in Ad Age Coverage

November 21, 2023

The Ad Age article titled "How The NFL Grew Flag Football Into An Olympic Sport Attracting Major Brands and Gen Z"  highlights the transformative journey of flag football from a recreational pursuit to an Olympic sport, thus drawing attention from major brands. SponsorUnited's data reveals that USA Football, the focal point, secured sponsorship from 17 brands in the last 12 months, with HSS–Hospital for Special Surgery leading the pack. Across the broader flag football landscape, 134 brands are actively buying sponsorships/media, with categories like apparel and accessories, leisure and recreation, and technology taking center stage. USA Flag, overseeing adult flag football, boasts an impressive 75 brand partnerships, including collaborations with Oakley, Reign Total Body Fuel, Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux, Shock Doctor, and more—showcasing the sport's versatility and appeal to a diverse portfolio of brands.

This surge in sponsorships/media deals not only underlines the expanding cultural significance of flag football but also signifies its ability to attract brands targeting a variety of consumer demographics. As flag football gains Olympic recognition and resonates notably with the Gen Z audience, the sport's sponsorship landscape serves as a dynamic arena for brands to connect with a broad and engaged fan base, exemplifying the evolving intersection of sports, marketing, and cultural trends.

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