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Fashion’s Top Names Make A Stylish Splash On Social Media

September 7, 2022

New York Fashion Week (NYFW), one of the highlights of the city’s fall calendar, kicks off tomorrow continuing through September 14th.

Three longtime NYFW mainstays–Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, and Coach–stand out among the 60-plus brands on the event’s official schedule, thanks to their statement-making sponsorship and media partnerships.

With just over 10 endorsement deals, NY-based Michael Kors is the most exclusive of the stylish triumvirate, yet leads the three in social followers (40M). Michael Kors’ most successful social partnership is with Bella Hadid, which at last count tallied 3,342,441 engagements from 4 posts. The brand’s average engagement per deal stands at 587,857.

Tommy Hilfiger has over 60 partnerships, 35% of which are endorsement deals with athletes of all kinds–including aquatic sports, combat sports, and motorsports. The American sportswear powerhouse is 1 of just 2 fashion brands to have entered the metaverse, via a partnership with Roblox that launched in December 2021.

Social media looms large in Coach’s marketing strategy, where 94% of the brand’s total partnerships utilize social content. Endorsement deals comprise 30% of the brand’s sponsorships. In March 2022, Coach signed its first Korean brand ambassador, “All of Us Are Dead” actor Yoon Chan Young. His posts with Coach engaged a staggering 23% of his followers, dwarfing the brand’s 1.2% average engagement rate. Yoon and Michael B. Jordan are the only two actors who currently partner with the brand.

Meanwhile, Japanese model Koki has posted the most Coach content, with 26 unique posts that engaged 1,500,548 followers and counting.

Though conspicuously absent from NYFW’s official schedule, luxury mega brands Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Prada are seemingly unstoppable forces on social media, garnering more than 250 million engagements across their collective partnerships.

With just over 20 endorsements, Louis Vuitton dominates the social fashion scene with north of 80M total followers. Even more impressive, the brand’s engagement stands at 129M, with an average of nearly 3M per partnership. Close to 50% of the brand’s total engagement comes from a deal with South Korean model and actress HoYeon Jung, who’s tallied over 60M engagements across her 17 social posts with the French luxury fashion house.

Gucci, which closely trails LV on social with just under 80M followers, trumps its rival in endorsement deals, with more than 35. The brand partners with pop music artists such as Billie Eilish, Miley Cyrus and others in 23% of its deals. With only 4 social partnerships with pop music artists, its 65M total engagement is mainly split between deals with Eilish and Cyrus, whose engagement totals 27M and 24M respectively.

While Prada lags behind Louis Vuitton and Gucci on social media, its 40M following is far from small. With more than 210 posts spanning its 51 social partners’ platforms, the brand’s total engagement tops 50M; posts with K-Pop stars Jan Wong Young and TWICE account for 54% of that figure. Prada also starred in a TikTok reel with TikTok superstar Charli D'Amelio last spring, in which she unboxed a package sent by the brand. The top post with Charli saw an engagement of over 1.1 million.

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