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A Sweet Deal: Candy Brands Rack Up Halloween Sales & Sponsorships

October 25, 2023

Halloween means big business for candy makers: Americans spend an estimated $3.1B on sweets for gleeful trick-or-treaters each year. Currently, more than 600 brands are buying sponsorships or media in the Candy, Baked Goods, and Desserts category—an average of three sponsorship deals per brand.

While not a traditional Halloween treat, ice cream brand Dippin’ Dots leads the list with more than 50 sponsorships, including partnerships with the Philadelphia Phillies and the Memphis Grizzlies. British chocolate maker Cadbury—though typically associated with the Easter holiday—trails closely behind with over 45 partnerships, primarily with English football clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea, and Liverpool. Third on the list is Snickers with nearly 40 sponsorships, among them an NIL deal inked earlier this month with South Carolina football running back Dakereon “DK” Joyner. 

The category racked up 19M in social media engagement from branded posts in the last year. Feastables, the chocolate bar brand owned by YouTube celebrity MrBeast (real name: James Donaldson), scored the most engaging post with 2.3M likes, shares, and comments on TikTok. The brand’s multi-platform social campaign featuring its founder—who has the most subscribers on YouTube, at more than 188M—also topped the list for highest engagement at 6.2M total interactions. Feastables made headlines in early October when it signed a multi-year jersey patch deal with the Charlotte Hornets—an NBA first for a content creator-led brand.

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