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Brands Race to Partner with High-Powered Motorsports Circuits

March 13, 2024

Over the last 12 months, we’ve tracked more than 6,000+ brands that have raced into the pulse-pounding world of motorsports marketing. Let’s shift into gear for a closer look at this high-octane, high-profile arena.  

NASCAR teams took the pole position in the last year, attracting nearly 900 unique brand sponsors collectively. F1 follows closely with more than 400+ brands on board across its 10 clubs, while IndyCar and MotoGP battle it out for third place with an impressive 350+ total brands each. 

Chevrolet scored the top spot with the most sponsorship deals across NASCAR teams,  but came in a close second in IndyCar, trailing Firestone. The American car manufacturer partners with more than 20 NASCAR teams including Hendricks Motorsports and Kaulig Racing, and 8 IndyCar teams––Arrow McLaren and Team Penske among them. Meanwhile, tire companies lead the way on the international stage. As F1’s Global Tyre Partner for more than 12 years (and counting), Pirelli dominates the sport with 11 deals, while Michelin rules the roost in MotoGP.

Top exposure assets for brands varied across circuits. In NASCAR, 319 brands bought the Rear Vehicle Panel, emblazoning their logos on the back of speeding vehicles for fans worldwide to see. F1 saw the Practice Jersey Patch take center stage for 116 sponsors, offering high visibility during pre-race hype. Pit Stop Signage proved most popular in MotoGP, as 130 brands clamored for visibility during lightning-speed tune-ups. And in IndyCar, 81 advertisers embraced the Jersey Sleeve Logo, ensuring constant exposure throughout the race.

While NASCAR boasts the most brands buying sponsorships or media, fast-growing Formula 1 reigns supreme in total engagement across social media, roaring past the competition with a staggering 209M interactions. MotoGP takes second place with a respectable 53M, leaving IndyCar and NASCAR in the dust at a distant third and fourth with 7M and 800K interactions, respectively––demonstrating that sponsorship numbers don't always correlate directly with fans’ social media engagement.

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