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Brands Expand Footprint Into MLS as Bob Lynch is Featured in American Banker

January 29, 2024

The article featured in American Banker highlights the strategic partnership between Brazilian fintech Inter&Co and Orlando City SC, marking a significant moment for both the company and the sports industry. Inter&Co's naming rights to the Orlando stadium underscore its ambition to expand its presence in the US and tap into a diverse and youthful audience. This move not only enhances brand recognition for the fintech company, but also opens avenues for community engagement through financial education and co-branded financial products. The collaboration is seen as a pioneering effort for Latin American financial institutions in the US sports arena, with potential benefits extending beyond traditional marketing strategies.

Bob Lynch, founder and CEO of SponsorUnited, acknowledges the significance and rarity of Inter&Co's sponsorship deal with the Orlando soccer stadium. The move is authentic and strategic as its choice of a soccer partnership can be partially accredited to the sports growing popularity in the US, and its cost-effectiveness compared to other major pro sports. Lynch also notes the growing trend of financial services firms sponsoring Major League Soccer venues—28% of all venue deals in the MLS—citing the diverse and young audience these sponsorships attract. Prior to their move to venue naming rights, the brand secured a deal in 2023 with Orlando City SC and NYCFC. This move by Inter&Co is highlighted as a breakthrough moment for the company's US expansion.

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