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Music Festivals & Artists Report 2022

March 20, 2023

SponsorUnited released its 2022 Music Festivals & Artists Marketing Partnerships Report analyzing more than 8,300 brands, 850 artists and 600 music festivals.

Key findings from the report include:

Deals with Video Games Surge – As gaming’s popularity continues to soar, music artists are finding new and innovative ways to engage with audiences through partnerships with video game brands. In a growing trend, gamers are becoming fans of music artists after first hearing their songs in video games. This has led stars like Steve Aoki, Snoop Dogg, T-Pain, Anitta, and Meghan Trainor to team up with nearly 70 brands – including Call of Duty, Roblox, and Fortnite – to promote their work. According to SponsorUnited data, seven of the top 15 endorsed artists have partnered with at least one video game brand, allowing them to reach new audiences and create multi-platform experiences.

“Since the inception of gaming, music has played a critical role in immersive experiences for players, and now more than ever, as artists explore novel methods to promote their music and interact with their fanbase beyond conventional channels,” said Bob Lynch, Founder and CEO of SponsorUnited. “As the intersection between music and gaming continues to evolve and blur, we anticipate even more imaginative and dynamic collaborations between the two industries in the future.”

Snapchat is Owning Music Festivals – By using AR to enrich the music festival experience, the buzzy messaging app is reaching new audiences, cultivating loyalty, and capturing key marketing insights. Snapchat has partnered with 16 Live Nation festivals, including Lollapalooza and The Governor's Ball, to provide augmented reality (AR) experiences for fans that can help attendees locate friends, discover exclusive landmarks, and purchase merchandise. In reviewing all of Snapchat’s sponsorship partners in the music category – artists, festivals, stadiums, etc. – nearly two-thirds (62%) were with music festivals.

Coca-Cola is the #1 Festival Brand – The top-five brands aligning with music festivals were Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Tito’s, Monster, and Pepsi. Music festivals have become prime targets for the beverage industry, with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage brands exclusively comprising the top 12 by sponsorship volume. This underscores the value of music festivals as key platforms for these brands to engage their target audiences. The continued emergence of hard seltzer brands (White Claw and Bud Light Seltzer) and ready-to-drink cocktails (High Noon) – as marquee festival sponsors reflects the burgeoning shift in consumer preferences, as beverage companies strive to stay relevant in a highly competitive market.

The Top 5 Most Endorsed Artists  – Steve Aoki (25 deals), Snoop Dogg (24 deals), T-Pain (24 deals), Dolly Parton (19 deals), and DJ Khaled (18 deals).

Female Artists Dominate Social Media – Ninety percent of the most-engaging artists across all social media channels are female. Out of the top 10 most-engaging artists on social media, nine are female pop singers. K-Pop, specifically, generates the highest engagement (41% of the top 10) thanks to BlackPink singers, Rosé and Jisoo, and the girl band TWICE. Ulta Beauty, Sephora, Yves Saint Laurent, and Oreo are a handful of the brands leveraging the female-run space.

“While male artists receive more endorsements annually, female artists are wielding a significant influence on social media,” continued Lynch. “Brands are becoming increasingly aware of the impactful role female artists are playing within their communities, and we can expect to see a shift towards more balanced partnerships in the future, driven in part by their incredibly high engagement levels.”

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